Emergency Maintenance Request

Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:00am – 6:00pm

In the event of an emergency related to the condition of the Property that materially affects the Physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant (after normal business hours), you may call (404) 720-4599. If you receive voicemail, please leave the following information:

  • Property Address
  • Contact person Name
  • Contact phone Number
  • Description of the Emergency

If the request is considered an emergency, a maintenance vendor will contact you. If the request is not considered an emergency, you must submit your request to our office on the next available business day.  Ordinarily, a repair to the heating and air conditioning system, or an appliance, is not an emergency. If you are delinquent in rent at the time a repair notice is given, we are not obligated to make the repair. If you call a vendor directly, you will be billed for the repair. If a repair person is unable to access the Property after making arrangements with you to complete the repair, you will pay any trip charge the repair person may charge. Change your air conditioning filter at least once a month and review paragraph 17 of your lease concerning property maintenance.

All non-emergency maintenance requests must be submitted in writing. You may submit them using the following methods:
  1. In person, using one of our forms
  2. Via Tenant Portal
  3. Log in, select “Maintenance” tab, select “New Service Request”, then complete form and “Save”

Email address must be one that you have submitted to our office (in writing) as belonging
to you (ie: specific written notice or on application forms)

The email must contain the following information:
 Property Address
 Contact Person Name(s)
 Contact Phone Number(s)
 Description of repair request

** Non-emergency requests are processed during normal operating hours only. ** Report repairs timely to avoid further damage to the property!