Code of Ethics

The EPM, LLC code of ethics encompasses professionalism, personal integrity, privacy laws and policies, and integrity in all aspects of the real estate business.  Each agent is also governed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

The company strives to build and maintain a safe, healthy, and productive workplace by incorporating the following practices.

  • Not allow personal feelings or beliefs to stand in the way of how we treat and interact with customers and clients. Avoiding conflicts of interest and biases whenever possible.
  • Honesty in professional dealings and forthcoming about competence. We seek assistance from others when required to avoid or lessen mistakes or errors.
  • Do our best to make decisions consistent with the safety, privacy, and well-being of the community and the public, and to disclose promptly factors that might pose unexamined risk or dangers.
  • Accessing private information on computer systems only when necessary in the course of technical duties. Maintain and protect the confidentiality of all information to which is accessed regardless of the method by which the knowledge is gained.
  • Ongoing education on relevant laws, regulations, and policies regarding the performance of duties.
  • Staff will communicate with management and colleagues about computer matters of mutual interest. All parties will strive to listen and understand the needs of each other.
  • Continue to update and enhance technical knowledge and other work-related skills. Share knowledge and experience with other office personnel.