Common Property Repairs

Managing properties requires one to wear many hats; the right property manager is part marketer, part lifecoach, part enforcer, and part handyman. Large scale property management companies simply must have connections and staff that serve a number of well-defined purposes to keep properties profitable. Repairing properties is one of many major tasks that property management eases from owners; quite a lot can go into maintenance, such as:

Appliance Repair, Replacement, & Relationships

Any property management company, here in East Point or anywhere, simply must have relationships with local HVAC professionals and appliance repair and replacement providers. When a furnace goes out in a rental property, it is paramount that immediate action be taken by those with the ability to quickly and easily handle the problem. Owners of the property love this part of property management service, since they will no longer need to field a 2 AM emergency call from a tenant across town, and then scramble to find emergency service to fix a problem. Aside from this peace of mind in the middle of the night, owners stand to equally benefit from the relationships their property management provider holds with local technicians, affording quicker service, fair rates, and more honest appraisal of problems; all of which save money over time.

Cleaning, Painting, Drywalling

Few people enjoy cleaning their own home and extremely few people enjoy cleaning the homes’ of others. With an empty rental unit comes the inevitable task of cleaning, tidying, fixing, painting, etc., all of which take time at odd times and cost owners money to procrastinate upon, as any delay equates to longer time spent without rent-paying tenants occupying the space or signing leases for that purpose. Even if a tenant were to leave the space perfectly cleaned, things like wall scuffs, dulling paints, and other small repairs can still be warranted to attract and retain the next tenants. It is the property manager’s responsibility to repair or replace drywall and carpeting, apply fresh paint, and take care of other maintenance items (as needed) after a tenant vacates the property.

Exterior Assistance

While many residential rentals are within condo or apartment complexes that take care of outdoor maintenance, many still are in single family homes which require regular maintenance on behalf of the tenant, owner, or property management company. Often, issues on the outside are cosmetic or quick-fixes, such as keeping up on mowing the grass while tenants do not occupy the home; other issues could be more severe, such as issues with roofing, storm damage, etc. Having a trustworthy property management representative that can look at, diagnose, and even handle many of these issues can be a tremendous blessing for property owners, even potentially saving them from a costly replacement or repair down the road.

Get Expert Property Management

Of course, these issues can become extrapolated if you choose to partner with the wrong property management company, especially if they are not reliable enough to handle issues on your behalf. If you choose to partner instead with Easy Property Management, you’ll know that years of experience and a caring staff are supporting your property every step of the way.

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Growing Rental Properties

Anyone that owns rental properties has one simple problem to solve: Growing them. It’s a bug, and one that we at Easy Property Management understand all too well. We’ve seen clients grow their rental properties from as few as one to fully funding the incomes for their families, greatly increasing their net worth in doing so. In addition to providing homes for families across East Point, those with rental properties here strive to increase their financial gains, while advancing their holdings in the local community.

Creating an Empire

Starting Small

The first step to any empire, in any walk of life, is always a small one. For those looking to build an empire of rental properties, you have to start somewhere. If you don’t have a rental property yet, ask yourself what you can do to further that goal. Less than the advise you take, or strategies you lay forth, the thing that matters most in building your empire is getting started. Simply put: You have to pull the trigger. There are resources available to help you succeed with your venture, but you must recognize and seize upon the opportunity in order to take advantage of them.

Do Your Research

Rental property investors come from all walks of life, some deeply involved with the real estate industry already and others still with little but a dream for the changes that an empire of rental properties can bring about in their lives. In either case, it is crucial that you know and understand the difference between an owner-occupied and investor-owned property, for which there can be many. Additionally, ensure that each home you’re looking to purchase will have a demand to drive the rental value; this means ensuring the home is in a desirable area, at a price that allows for profit over payments, and can meet all governmental codes to allow for tenant living.

Vigilance & Patience

Owning rental properties requires equal parts vigilance and patience at every step of the process. When you’re first looking for a rental property to purchase, you must remain vigilant to all opportunities, but also patiently await the right opportunity. Once purchased, you must remain vigilant in safeguarding your property with high-quality tenants, while also staying patient as costs come up and profits trickle in. Finally, as your empire grows, you must always remain vigilant to seizing new opportunities for investment or abandonment of a project, while also remaining patient for the income you’ve received to offset all the costs you incur along the way.

Get Help

When you’re talking about owning and purchasing numerous rental properties, managing them can easily become more than a full-time job. Don’t bog yourself down with day-to-day operations, which can easily frustrate and distract you from the role you play as investor and visionary. For those just starting, managing properties can easily get you into legal troubles or cause you to miss time from any other work you may be doing to support your family. In either case, it is best to partner with a professional property management company to manage and maintain your rental properties, keep a steady stream of tenants within them, while ultimately increasing profits and decreasing stress.

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Pivoting Toward Better Tenants

dreamstime_xxl_35612483As property management experts, we frequently advise our East Point homeowners about the importance of attracting high-quality tenants to rent to. It is our belief that attracting better tenants is crucial to see the largest profit margins for our clients, maintain their property and help them enjoy less turnover. Often times our clients fear attracting a higher quality tenant will mean large investments on their part, renovations, or expensive marketing plans. In reality, there are a number of things that our skilled property management company can do to help keep your East Point rental consistently filled with better tenants.

Small, Motivating Details

Often times when a prospective tenant visits a property they have already qualified the property in a number of ways, such as location, price, neighborhood, etc. These things are all well outside of the control of property managers, leaving us with only the property itself and marketing tactics to attract higher quality tenants, right?

Well, yes and no.

In reality, we employ a number of tactics used to amplify the experience prospective tenants will find when they tour your unit, any and all of which have proven successful in quickly renting to qualified, responsible renters. While our solutions feature customized solutions, some widely applicable tactics we utilize are as listed below.

  • We come prepared. We arrive early to showings, ensure the unit is “aired out,” smells and feels as great as possible, and is ready to show. Seems obvious, but many property managers do not think to do this or understand the negative psychological impact that a dark, locked, and vacant looking unit can have on potential renters.
  • We sweat the details. Whether it’s the caulking around the bathtub, stains on the counter, or even the smell in the unit, we strive to maximize your unit’s strengths, and minimize its weaknesses. This applies especially to the kitchen and bathrooms, which are often key in appealing to better renters.
  • We look for opportunities. Sometimes making your unit rent quickly to better renters is as simple as replacing the numbers that show the building’s address from the street, lubricating a squeaking hinge, or replacing a burnt-out porch light bulb. Sometimes solutions are larger, like installing a tile backsplash to attract higher-end renters, but often opportunities require only a careful eye and minimal materials.
  • We know what they look for. With more than  30 years of experience in the industry, we have just come to learn what better renters look for and look like. This experience is the best trick we have at our disposal and is worth far more than anything when it comes to getting the best possible applicants to sign on the line.

Consider Us

Consider partnering with Easy Property Management for the ongoing management and maintenance of your property. We strive to offer a simple and effective practice for owners and tenants alike, and will work harder than anyone to ensure your investment is an easy one. Don’t wait, get in touch with us today!

Reconsidering Renting

We have been conditioned to believe that homeownership is a necessary step on the path to wealth, happiness, and success in modern American life. Is this really true, though? Home ownership carries a large amount of risk and upfront cost and has been shown to be less of a sure-thing investment than was previously believed. We live in a time just after the largest domestic housing market crash in history, leaving many wondering if the cons of homeownership may be larger than historically believed. If you are considering ownership as a future investment for your family, be sure to check out some well-known pros enjoyed by long-term renters:

dreamstime_xxl_20846331Houses Aren’t Rare

Most homeowners will tell you that the tough part is affording the home and down payment, not finding a home to buy. The fact of the matter is that homes are not uncommon; in fact, there are plenty to choose from. When looking to invest in anything, it is typically not advised to invest in something that is widely and readily available, yet we are told over and over that home ownership is crucial to prevent “throwing away money” on rental homes.

Numbers Don’t Lie

We commonly hear that to rent is to “throw away money,” and that the key to building wealth lies in the equity gained through home ownership. Yet, when we look at the numbers, it doesn’t seem quite so cut and dry. Not only is renting often much less expensive than home ownership after taxes, expenses, and maintenance are factored in, but homeowners are actually earning less in equity than they imagine they will. For instance, if you borrow 200,000 dollars at four percent interest on a 30 year mortgage, an average loan and interest amount, you will pay the bank over 134,000 dollars in interest alone over the course of your payments. It is unlikely that your home will gain 134,000 dollars in value over any maintenance and further investment costs, making it a pretty poor investment in terms of equity gained.

dreamstime_xxl_15308313On Down Payments

Worse still, someone considering a switch from renting to homeownership is advised to save up 20% of a home’s value for a down payment. In the above 200,000 dollar home, that would mean saving 40,000 dollars. For most Americans, this is a huge sum of money that should be spent wisely. Consider instead that you could invest that 40,000 dollars into an asset that will appreciate, and suddenly the thought of losing money in interest payments doesn’t seem quite so reassuring.

Invest Your Way

Any investment you can drive or live in is probably not going to bear you any sort of positive return. If you are looking to build your wealth for the future, consider a rental paired with smart investments in an asset that will not appreciate or cost you time and money to enjoy. Check out our available East Point rental properties, and keep your money working for you.


Cleaning for Conversions

Tenants and owners alike ask us all the time: “What is the best way to attract the next tenant?” For owners and property managers this means continuing a steady stream of rental income, while current tenants are typically looking to get back any security deposits that they may have put forward as collateral for this very purpose. For the property manager, the answer to both of these parties is a properly cleaned unit, ready to impress the next potential tenant. While this may seem like a foregone conclusion, there are tips and tricks to maximize the cleanliness of your property and attract the best possible renters.

dreamstime_xxl_4843017Focus on Key Areas

Any experienced real estate agent will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, and buyers will forgive quite a lot for a house in which they enjoy these two rooms. It is no wonder that most renovation budgets are primarily, if not entirely, focused on kitchens and bathrooms. So, of course, these two rooms are the key for property management companies to focus on as well. If you want your kitchens and bathrooms to truly shine in between rentals, then consider these tips:

  • Inform current tenants of what you are looking for in your kitchen and bathrooms when they vacate the property. If you want them to focus their cleaning efforts on these two areas, then you should let them know that.
  • Consider giving tenants “key area maintenance” sheets at the time of lease signing, and walk them through how and why to perform maintenance items on these areas.
  • Provide tenants nearing the end of their lease with an emailed cleaning checklist. Let them know that is the list of things you will be looking at during your walk through, this simple technique ensures a far cleaner unit with almost no extra effort on your part.

99 Cent Gel Air Fresheners

Some solutions are wide sweeping, while others are beautifully simple in their application. One such example is the incredible effect that 99 cent gel air fresheners can have on reducing rental property vacancy. Simply purchase a few of these and spread them throughout the home, and marvel at how anyone walking through will comment on how clean the unit feels. The trick here is that smell is the most closely tied sense to our memory, and new air fresheners bring back memories of clean, fresh atmospheres. While this is certainly an ace for property management companies, even tenants can deploy this modest investment to help guarantee a full return of their security deposit. Just ensure that your scents are subtle, each room or corner doesn’t need an air freshener, we advise only a few dispersed through only the large or major rooms.

Partner With the Pros

Easy Property Management has a vision of creating a quality housing experience for owners and tenants alike, and strives to keep every part of the renting process easy for each party involved. If you are looking for a property management company in East Point, look no further than our local property management professionals. Don’t wait, get in touch with us today!

No Stress Renting

For many property owners, the largest benefit to entrusting the management of their property to a real estate management firm is the substantial ease it places on their commitments. The owner goes from the primary or sole caretaker, landlord, and marketing manager of the estate to an investor who can kick back and leave the heavy lifting to someone else. Easy Property Management is proud to provide high-quality, stress-free renting to East Point property owners.

We Do The Work

Entrusting us with your property management goes beyond relinquishing responsibility for urgent issues that may arise; in fact, we take care of just about everything, including:

  • Market surveys for up-to-date pricing to attract high-quality tenants
  • Property maintenance & cleaning to ensure property always ready for occupancy
  • Seek out & thoroughly screen qualified candidates
  • All tenant and contractor relations; they never need to contact you

We begin by completing a market survey to analyze up-to-date rental values and appropriately price your property to attract tenants and maximize profits. Next, we ensure the property is maintained, clean, and always ready for tenants to occupy the premises. From there, we screen and qualify tenant applications by looking into their credit, rental history, reliable income, and other pertinent information. We take care of everything from the tenant’s perspective, including leasing agreements, rental collections, property maintenance, and any other needs that may arise.

Our goal going into every property we manage is to maximize profits for the client while minimizing or eliminating their stress. If you’re tired of working for your investment, then give us a call and have your investment begin working for you today.
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How We Save You Money

While it may sound impossible to believe, we actually have a number of tools available to save you money through effective real estate management. Here are some tried-and-true methods the experts at Easy Property Management will use to save, and even make, you money:

Keeping High-Quality Tenants

We are experts at screening candidates and have systems in place to ensure that your property has the best chances available to be rented to responsible tenants only. Our marketing targets perennial renters whenever possible, and we strive to prevent any and all gaps between leases. Through effective management of the property, we take great applicants and retain them as long-term tenants; our target renters will help maintain your property’s value while putting a steady stream of money into your pocket.

Cost Efficient Maintenance

Our maintenance personnel, as well as contractor relationships, will keep any necessary maintenance costs at a minimum. We keep up on annual and perennial maintenance items for you as well; this ensures that all aspects of your property will maintain, and even gain, value over time. We seek to keep your costs down while maintaining an upward trajectory of your property’s value.

Expert Navigation

Our years of experience in the industry will help to keep you far away from any pitfalls or costly legal blunders. We know how to handle dealings with tenants, and we take care of any necessary dealings with maintenance personnel. Acting as your ambassadors, we humbly advise and masterfully execute the best course of action for your bottom line. For instance, if we help in avoiding even a single eviction, that alone can save you thousands of dollars and a great deal of stress.
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Our Property Management Benefits

Renting out your property can be very profitable but comes with risks and costs as well. While real estate serves as a sound investment for many Americans, the burden of managing their properties can quickly overwhelm those hoping to continue with a different full-time career. Our property management company offers East Point investors peace of mind and sound navigation through the subtle legalities that come with governing tenants. If you are on the fence about rental property management, consider these benefits our service will give you:

We Save You Money

Plain and simple: over time we will save you money. Whether it’s through contractor relationships netting you lower service costs, reduced tenantless time, increasing tenant retention, avoiding expensive evictions, or any number of other ways, we will save you money. The money you save can be reapplied to another investment opportunity. Our navigation of the market will help you price correctly to make the most money with the least overhead cost.

Keep Your Weekends

You’re busy, we get it. When something goes wrong with your rental property, the last thing you are going to want to do is give up the precious free time you have available. With our property management, you will never be disturbed by any problems with the property or tenants. We will take care of everything, from rent collection to tenant management to maintaining the property.

Maximize Your Options

Let us put our expertise to work for you; not only will we make you money and save you time, we will also navigate how to maximize your property’s potential opportunities. We aim to keep you ahead of the curve; if the market is trending upward, then a rental increase could net you more money with no extra cost. Every situation is different, and our solutions and recommendations will always be tailored to you.
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Welcome To Our Property Management Blog!

As an Atlanta-based property management company, Easy Property Management, LLC. seeks to provide quality housing services to both property owners as well as tenants. Founded by two brothers with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, it is the goal of our property management company to lead the way of changing the housing industry for the better. One of the ways we hope to accomplish this mission is to provide superior customer service, and we hope this blog will help bring together renters and owners. By providing information on available rental properties, advice for property owners and tenants, as well as answering questions from our local community, we hope to increase our customer engagement.

Trustworthy Rental Property Management

At Easy Property Management, we follow a strict code of ethics that focuses on professionalism and integrity. Our real estate agents are all governed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and our company strives to be honest in all of our dealings while being upfront when we do not know the answers ourselves. Although we bring an extensive amount of experience and property management knowledge to the table, we know that it is better to ask questions and get advice to create solutions instead of problems. Additionally, our staff is highly communicative so that we can provide the best service possible.

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We look forward to hearing from our community and answering any questions about our properties for sale and for rent. If you have a question or topic you would like us to cover, please leave a comment in the blog or contact us online. When you are ready to discuss how Easy Property Management can be of service to you, call 404-768-4165 to get started today.

Code of Ethics

The EPM, LLC code of ethics encompasses professionalism, personal integrity, privacy laws and policies, and integrity in all aspects of the real estate business.  Each agent is also governed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

The company strives to build and maintain a safe, healthy, and productive workplace by incorporating the following practices.

  • Not allow personal feelings or beliefs to stand in the way of how we treat and interact with customers and clients. Avoiding conflicts of interest and biases whenever possible.
  • Honesty in professional dealings and forthcoming about competence. We seek assistance from others when required to avoid or lessen mistakes or errors.
  • Do our best to make decisions consistent with the safety, privacy, and well-being of the community and the public, and to disclose promptly factors that might pose unexamined risk or dangers.
  • Accessing private information on computer systems only when necessary in the course of technical duties. Maintain and protect the confidentiality of all information to which is accessed regardless of the method by which the knowledge is gained.
  • Ongoing education on relevant laws, regulations, and policies regarding the performance of duties.
  • Staff will communicate with management and colleagues about computer matters of mutual interest. All parties will strive to listen and understand the needs of each other.
  • Continue to update and enhance technical knowledge and other work-related skills. Share knowledge and experience with other office personnel.