Common Property Repairs

Managing properties requires one to wear many hats; the right property manager is part marketer, part lifecoach, part enforcer, and part handyman. Large scale property management companies simply must have connections and staff that serve a number of well-defined purposes to keep properties profitable. Repairing properties is one of many major tasks that property management eases from owners; quite a lot can go into maintenance, such as:

Appliance Repair, Replacement, & Relationships

Any property management company, here in East Point or anywhere, simply must have relationships with local HVAC professionals and appliance repair and replacement providers. When a furnace goes out in a rental property, it is paramount that immediate action be taken by those with the ability to quickly and easily handle the problem. Owners of the property love this part of property management service, since they will no longer need to field a 2 AM emergency call from a tenant across town, and then scramble to find emergency service to fix a problem. Aside from this peace of mind in the middle of the night, owners stand to equally benefit from the relationships their property management provider holds with local technicians, affording quicker service, fair rates, and more honest appraisal of problems; all of which save money over time.

Cleaning, Painting, Drywalling

Few people enjoy cleaning their own home and extremely few people enjoy cleaning the homes’ of others. With an empty rental unit comes the inevitable task of cleaning, tidying, fixing, painting, etc., all of which take time at odd times and cost owners money to procrastinate upon, as any delay equates to longer time spent without rent-paying tenants occupying the space or signing leases for that purpose. Even if a tenant were to leave the space perfectly cleaned, things like wall scuffs, dulling paints, and other small repairs can still be warranted to attract and retain the next tenants. It is the property manager’s responsibility to repair or replace drywall and carpeting, apply fresh paint, and take care of other maintenance items (as needed) after a tenant vacates the property.

Exterior Assistance

While many residential rentals are within condo or apartment complexes that take care of outdoor maintenance, many still are in single family homes which require regular maintenance on behalf of the tenant, owner, or property management company. Often, issues on the outside are cosmetic or quick-fixes, such as keeping up on mowing the grass while tenants do not occupy the home; other issues could be more severe, such as issues with roofing, storm damage, etc. Having a trustworthy property management representative that can look at, diagnose, and even handle many of these issues can be a tremendous blessing for property owners, even potentially saving them from a costly replacement or repair down the road.

Get Expert Property Management

Of course, these issues can become extrapolated if you choose to partner with the wrong property management company, especially if they are not reliable enough to handle issues on your behalf. If you choose to partner instead with Easy Property Management, you’ll know that years of experience and a caring staff are supporting your property every step of the way.

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