Growing Rental Properties

Anyone that owns rental properties has one simple problem to solve: Growing them. It’s a bug, and one that we at Easy Property Management understand all too well. We’ve seen clients grow their rental properties from as few as one to fully funding the incomes for their families, greatly increasing their net worth in doing so. In addition to providing homes for families across East Point, those with rental properties here strive to increase their financial gains, while advancing their holdings in the local community.

Creating an Empire

Starting Small

The first step to any empire, in any walk of life, is always a small one. For those looking to build an empire of rental properties, you have to start somewhere. If you don’t have a rental property yet, ask yourself what you can do to further that goal. Less than the advise you take, or strategies you lay forth, the thing that matters most in building your empire is getting started. Simply put: You have to pull the trigger. There are resources available to help you succeed with your venture, but you must recognize and seize upon the opportunity in order to take advantage of them.

Do Your Research

Rental property investors come from all walks of life, some deeply involved with the real estate industry already and others still with little but a dream for the changes that an empire of rental properties can bring about in their lives. In either case, it is crucial that you know and understand the difference between an owner-occupied and investor-owned property, for which there can be many. Additionally, ensure that each home you’re looking to purchase will have a demand to drive the rental value; this means ensuring the home is in a desirable area, at a price that allows for profit over payments, and can meet all governmental codes to allow for tenant living.

Vigilance & Patience

Owning rental properties requires equal parts vigilance and patience at every step of the process. When you’re first looking for a rental property to purchase, you must remain vigilant to all opportunities, but also patiently await the right opportunity. Once purchased, you must remain vigilant in safeguarding your property with high-quality tenants, while also staying patient as costs come up and profits trickle in. Finally, as your empire grows, you must always remain vigilant to seizing new opportunities for investment or abandonment of a project, while also remaining patient for the income you’ve received to offset all the costs you incur along the way.

Get Help

When you’re talking about owning and purchasing numerous rental properties, managing them can easily become more than a full-time job. Don’t bog yourself down with day-to-day operations, which can easily frustrate and distract you from the role you play as investor and visionary. For those just starting, managing properties can easily get you into legal troubles or cause you to miss time from any other work you may be doing to support your family. In either case, it is best to partner with a professional property management company to manage and maintain your rental properties, keep a steady stream of tenants within them, while ultimately increasing profits and decreasing stress.

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