Cleaning for Conversions

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Tenants and owners alike ask us all the time: “What is the best way to attract the next tenant?” For owners and property managers this means continuing a steady stream of rental income, while current tenants are typically looking to get back any security deposits that they may have put forward as collateral for this very purpose. For the property manager, the answer to both of these parties is a properly cleaned unit, ready to impress the next potential tenant. While this may seem like a foregone conclusion, there are tips and tricks to maximize the cleanliness of your property and attract the best possible renters.

dreamstime_xxl_4843017Focus on Key Areas

Any experienced real estate agent will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, and buyers will forgive quite a lot for a house in which they enjoy these two rooms. It is no wonder that most renovation budgets are primarily, if not entirely, focused on kitchens and bathrooms. So, of course, these two rooms are the key for property management companies to focus on as well. If you want your kitchens and bathrooms to truly shine in between rentals, then consider these tips:

  • Inform current tenants of what you are looking for in your kitchen and bathrooms when they vacate the property. If you want them to focus their cleaning efforts on these two areas, then you should let them know that.
  • Consider giving tenants “key area maintenance” sheets at the time of lease signing, and walk them through how and why to perform maintenance items on these areas.
  • Provide tenants nearing the end of their lease with an emailed cleaning checklist. Let them know that is the list of things you will be looking at during your walk through, this simple technique ensures a far cleaner unit with almost no extra effort on your part.

99 Cent Gel Air Fresheners

Some solutions are wide sweeping, while others are beautifully simple in their application. One such example is the incredible effect that 99 cent gel air fresheners can have on reducing rental property vacancy. Simply purchase a few of these and spread them throughout the home, and marvel at how anyone walking through will comment on how clean the unit feels. The trick here is that smell is the most closely tied sense to our memory, and new air fresheners bring back memories of clean, fresh atmospheres. While this is certainly an ace for property management companies, even tenants can deploy this modest investment to help guarantee a full return of their security deposit. Just ensure that your scents are subtle, each room or corner doesn’t need an air freshener, we advise only a few dispersed through only the large or major rooms.

Partner With the Pros

Easy Property Management has a vision of creating a quality housing experience for owners and tenants alike, and strives to keep every part of the renting process easy for each party involved. If you are looking for a property management company in East Point, look no further than our local property management professionals. Don’t wait, get in touch with us today!

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