No Stress Renting

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For many property owners, the largest benefit to entrusting the management of their property to a real estate management firm is the substantial ease it places on their commitments. The owner goes from the primary or sole caretaker, landlord, and marketing manager of the estate to an investor who can kick back and leave the heavy lifting to someone else. Easy Property Management is proud to provide high-quality, stress-free renting to East Point property owners.

We Do The Work

Entrusting us with your property management goes beyond relinquishing responsibility for urgent issues that may arise; in fact, we take care of just about everything, including:

  • Market surveys for up-to-date pricing to attract high-quality tenants
  • Property maintenance & cleaning to ensure property always ready for occupancy
  • Seek out & thoroughly screen qualified candidates
  • All tenant and contractor relations; they never need to contact you

We begin by completing a market survey to analyze up-to-date rental values and appropriately price your property to attract tenants and maximize profits. Next, we ensure the property is maintained, clean, and always ready for tenants to occupy the premises. From there, we screen and qualify tenant applications by looking into their credit, rental history, reliable income, and other pertinent information. We take care of everything from the tenant’s perspective, including leasing agreements, rental collections, property maintenance, and any other needs that may arise.

Our goal going into every property we manage is to maximize profits for the client while minimizing or eliminating their stress. If you’re tired of working for your investment, then give us a call and have your investment begin working for you today.
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